Alpha Omega offers you: Lectures, Seminars, Continuing Education

Membership Benefits

  • Not just a dental fraternity, but also a family
  • Exceptional continuing education programs in a local, regional and international environment
  • CERP recognized seminars
  • AGD credit seminars
  • Award-winning publications, including the renowned Alpha Omegan Dental Journal
  • Student support
  • Philanthropic endeavors that rival the efforts of many small nations
  • Support of Israeli dentistry
  • Being part of an international Jewish dental community
  • Oldest “individual members only” international dental fraternity
  • Strong ethical voice to combat discrimination in dental schools and dental societies
  • Worldwide professional interchange and communication
  • Networking and socializing

For questions about applying, please contact:

Please click here for more information – Contact AO International


November 18 -Dr. Adam Stabholtz – will discuss Endodontics and laser dentistry

December 9- Dr. Payam Samouhi
“Bone Grafting vs. Graftless Solutions In Implant Dentistry”

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